Welcome to Jun Tong Mu Sool (JTMS) of Greenville, TX

As one of the best martial arts organizations, JTMS covers severeral different styles of traditional martial arts, focusing mainly on Hapkido but including other methods such as Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, Tukkong Musool, in addition to Hoshindo, Mukido and Kuk Sool. Obviously the physical skills include ample techniques for self defense but other aspects such as body conditioning, mental development, and various weapons (both traditional and modern) are also included in the training.

While achieving good health and physical fitness is a common objective, focusing solely on methods of attack and defense are supplanted with the study of weapon techniques and with developing one's internal power at elevated levels in the training. Involvement in JTMS also helps to instill confidence, self-discipline, calmness under pressure, and other psychological strengths which are usually associated with the character of a martial artist.

You will find that Jun Tong Mu Sool is perfect for anyone of any age or gender, especially for those with different goals, needs, or any physical limitations. Due to the broad scope of martial arts styles included in the JTMS lineup, we can easily make any adjustments necessary to accommodate virtually everyone, all without compromising the effectiveness of their training.

Thanks for visiting this website and please take a brief moment to explore all that we have to offer.

Grandmaster   John B. Murphy

Chong Kwan Jang Nim  —  총관장님
9th Degree Black Belt